4-letter words ebook updated

I’ve changed the layout of my 4-letter words puzzle ebook so that all the puzzles are grouped together at the beginning and all the solutions are grouped together after the last puzzle. I’ve added to each puzzle group (10 puzzles) a solution hyperlink underneath the TOC hyperlink which should make navigation easier for devices which accept hyperlinks and for navigating the PDF version.

I eliminated the page breaks in the original version so that there is not so much white space on mobile devices and PDF version.

Thanks to Norma and Lynne for their suggestions.

You can view a sample of my 4-letter words ebook and the various formats available for download at http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/14699.

NOTE: Hyperlinks didn’t work for me in the PDF or the Epub versions I downloaded to my desktop, so I’m working with Smashwords on fixing this problem and will hopefully correct it soon. I will post update.