Removed ebook until hyperlink problems solved at Smashwords

I have unpublished my 4-letter word ebook on Smashwords until Smashwords updates their converter to properly function with hyperlinks. Smashwords and I have exchanged numerous emails and they have tested my ebook themselves and confirmed my problems with the hyperlinks not working after conversion. They do warn authors that their hyperlink function is in beta so when they have hyperlink conversions working properly I will update my book and post an update here.


2 thoughts on “Removed ebook until hyperlink problems solved at Smashwords

  1. Did you ever repost your eBook? I’m having a lot of trouble with Smashwords. When I upload my Word file, Smashwords’s converter changes the layout of the pages, causing big blanks and things to appear on wrong pages. My eBook is not a novel and includes a lot of pictures, and I am good with Word. But for some reason, I keep getting all these errors, and having to wait hours to get through the queue to find out that one thing is off is extremely frustrating. Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated! For instance, should I be setting Word’s margins to a certain size?

    • Yes, I reposted my 4-letter ebook and everything is working fine now.

      None of my ebooks have a lot of pictures, so I’m not much help other than to suggest re-reading the Smashwords style guide.

      If you click on the openoffice or Microsoft Word tags on the right you’ll see some posts I made on problems/solutions I’ve encountered.

      Smashwords is popular, and therefor busy at times. I usually upload before I go to bed.

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