Ebook redux; hyperlink spooks

After the problems I was having with hyperlinks working properly in my ebook, I tried a different puzzle magazine layout and a fresh Word doc. No luck. Same problems with hyperlinks even in their RTF format. Hyperlinks worked fine in my RTF of the new puzzle layout (saved as an RTF), but after going through their meatgrinder the hyperlinks failed.

I contacted Smashwords and later Mark Coker responded; “…  I suspect there’s some slight anomaly or corruption in your source file that we can’t see, but that is causing Word to send improper instructions to the converters……  We know Meatgrinder can do linked TOCs in EPUBs, MOBIs, PDFs and RTFs. We’ve test it.  However, there’s always the chance of some bug or anomalous situation that can cause such results, so first I think we need to rule out anything wrong with your document, and the only way to do that is to clear all the formatting out and start clean. Quite a puzzle, isn’t it?  :)”

I liked his humour, the puzzle joke at the end of his email, and it is puzzling.

I’m starting another word doc for the puzzles, by copying content from existing Word doc and pasting it into Notepad and then copying the Notepad text into new MSWord doc per suggestion from Mark. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.