Puzzle ebook now working fine thanks to OpenOffice

After numerous failures with hyperlinks functioning properly following conversion to various publishing formats by the Smashwords Meatgrinder, the probable culprit has been determined.

If you have been experiencing problems with your book after conversion by Smashwords then you may be interested in my solution.

In my earlier blog posts I mentioned the hyperlink travails I had been experiencing. I’m happy to report that a solution has been found – it was Microsoft Word (Office 2007 version) that had been creating all the problems.

I saved a copy of my problematic work as an RTF file and opened it in OpenOffice, a free Office Suite replacement you may download here. OpenOffice opened the RTF file and displayed everything properly for me. I then Saved the new document as a MSWord document, as an RTF document, a PDF file, and as an OpenOffice document.

Hyperlinks functioned properly in all the formats, just as they did when I tested them in various Saved formats in MSWord.

The difference between the two Office Suites, besides OpenOffice being free, became apparent following conversion by Smashwords. I uploaded the OpenOffice version to Smashwords, waited a while for the Meatgrinder to do its thing, and was pleasantly surprised to find the hyperlinks working in Epub and PDF. The hyperlinks never worked before when I uploaded the file as a MSWord document. This hyperlink problem was a concern to both me and Smashwords, an ebook marketing company I’m quite happy with as a distributor of my present and future puzzle books.

My advice to anyone who may be using MSWord and experiencing hyperlink problems with their book, or any other oddities following conversion by Smashwords, is the download and install the latest version of OpenOffice and see if that Office Suite solves your problems. It did for me.

If you enjoy word puzzles then you may want to check out the properly working version of my 4-letter word puzzle book here.

Happy puzzling, Ted