OpenOffice does MSWord docs better than MSWord

Followers of my blog know the problems I’ve had uploading MSWord documents to Smashwords. Now don’t get me wrong, I really like Smashwords and feel they are a terrific boon for writers. It’s just that I’ve had nothing but problems using MSWord as the source document for files uploaded to Smashwords. But I’ve found a solution.

I create the work in MSWord then copy it all to OpenOffice. I then save the OO document as a MSWord doc and upload that version to Smashwords. I can’t explain why it works, I just know it does. And it takes less than a minute to produce a .doc file that works with Smashwords.

I would like to create everything in OO but that program still lacks the one thing I really like about MSWord; split windows. When I’m writing in MSWord I can split the document window horizontally, creating two areas with their own scroll bars so that I can easily move around within a large document. OO doesn’t have that feature at the moment. Other than the ability to split a text document window horizontally, I see no benefit of using MSWord, or purchasing MSWord, when OO does everything I want.

Perhaps the next version of OpenOffice will have the ability to split text documents horizontally and I’ll use OO exclusively for writing. OpenOffice is free and is an office suite just like Microsoft Office. You may download OpenOffice for free here.