My views on printing ebooks

There is quite a lot of debate amongst authors/publishers about printing ebooks. Some authors or publishers reject the idea of printing an ebook, preferring that a customer purchase the printed version of their ebooks if they want a printed version.

This viewpoint seems a tad small to me, as I doubt anyone in their right mind is going to download an ebook of any significance for $5-$10 and print out hundreds of pages. Even if the same ebook sells for $20 in paperback it would make economic sense to buy the printed book, which you can always sell later or give to a friend or charity or library.

If an ebook author is worried that their tome may be copied in whole or in part if it were printed, and possibly undermine income to the author, then I suggest he/she do the same as some famous authors currently do and not publish their work in ebook format. Problem solved.

Children’s picture ebooks such as “Doug’s Big Idea” or “Bubble Trouble” are easily printed out from your desktop or laptop if you purchased the PDF version. If you didn’t purchase a PDF version of an ebook then please read my post on printing epbooks here.

Printing an ebook is (often) much less expensive than purchasing a printed version of the same book, even taking into consideration the price of the ebook and paper and ink cost to print it out several times.

Plus, if you purchased the PDF version or converted your ebook to PDF (see this post and look for “calibre”), you can print out just a page or two of the ones your son or daughter really likes. He or she can draw on it if they want without ruining the original picture; try that with a printed book.

Parents can even save more money by printing in greyscale if they want, and their son or daughter can color it the way they think it should be coloured.