BC’s drug approval process dramatically altered

How stupid is the current BC government? Quite stupid. B.C.’s per-capita spending on drugs is currently 27 per cent less than the average level in the rest of the country, and this level likely to rise with changes proposed by government to allow far more input by drug companies when the government is considering drug approval.

An internal health ministry document says there will now be four separate opportunities for drug marketers to make their case while new products are being considered for coverage by B.C.’s PharmaCare plan.

At the same time, the government’s long-standing drug review body with an arms-length distance from the industry is being abolished. The Therapeutics Initiative’s cautious approach to drug approvals has been credited with saving lives and helping B.C. maintain the lowest per capita spending on prescription drugs in the country.

Michael McBane of the Canada Health Coalition said no other provincial drug plan allows as much industry involvement as B.C. is proposing.

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