How to create ebooks using Calibre

Calibre is a free ebook management program that also creates ebooks.

As noted in the comments, professional level ebooks require some degree of hand-coding to display properly on different devices.

If you want to create an ebook using Calibre, here are links to the Calibre web site which you might want to click on and read the information contained therein.


3 thoughts on “How to create ebooks using Calibre

  1. It’s a decent converter, but for actually making eBooks nothing beats coding it by hand. Sigil is moderately better but it still needs a little hand-coding to work right.

    You could theoretically make an eBook using Calibre from Word or OpenOffice, but eBook software is in such an early stage that the conversions often end up messy and broken on different eReaders. The less formatting, the better – and trying to be accurate, a lot of converters, Calibre included, stuff far too much formatting into the book for it to be useable on anything besides a computer.

    That said, I’ve used it for quick-and-dirty conversions from simple documents and even PDFs without too much incident. There were errors and plenty of them, but at least it was readable.

    • Hi awkisopen,

      I agree with you:
      1) that Sigil is moderately better. I’ve used that myself on occasion;
      2) that eBook software creation is in an early stage of development;
      3) and that hand-coding is needed in many instances.

      However, my experience with Sigil is that it produces only EPUB files and doesn’t do conversion.

      I didn’t mean to suggest that Calibre, or Sigil for that matter, is ready for prime time use by casual computer users wanting to professionally create an ebook. I’ll make that clear in the original post. Thanks, Ted.

      • Great post nevertheless, I just don’t want people trying it out, being disappointed, and thinking they’re doing something wrong. I experienced that frustration starting out before I was like oh… these programs aren’t perfect. Still, Calibre for organization and simple converting!

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