Marketing ebooks link

Some ebooks don’t get the sales or downloads they deserve because few people know about the ebook. It may be a great or even fabulous ebook, but only if lots of people know about it.

Some authors create an ebook, publish it on Smashwords or other ebook distributors and wait for the money to roll in. Sorry, folks, it just doesn’t work that way.

If you are an author on Smashwords you have another avenue for promoting yourself and your ebook(s) by joining the free Smashwords Forum and listing your ebooks. Search engines will crawl the site, capture your ebook title and your name and other stuff, and thus make your name and your ebook that much more recognizable in searches.

You can wait for the money to roll in, or you can make the money roll in by promoting yourself and your ebooks more. The Smashwords Forum is one more way for you to do that, and it is free.