Does MSWord have a hyperlink problem when saving a file in .doc format? Smashwords Forum update.

I recently uploaded a new ebook, “A Cookbook by Ted. Volume 2.”, to Smashwords and was pleasantly surprised to see an error notice advising authors to make sure their document was in .doc format and not .docx as is standard with MSWord 2007 and later editions.

It seems that the default .docx format of the latter versions creates havoc with the Meatgrinder.

That probably explains why, when I used OpenOffice and exported an ebook using MSWord .doc format, that my hyperlink problems disappeared.

However, do check all the hyperlinks in your ebook, both internal and external, after saving your ebook in Word 97 – 2003 .doc format.

I found several internal hyperlinks were screwed up after saving in the .doc format.

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