Self-publishing horror story

I read about a company called  Strategic Book Publishing but was unfamiliar with them.  I looked on the net and found some horror stories, one of which I’ve linked here for authors to see. One is a somewhat unflattering review of the company, so I hope anyone who has a used them gets better results than the woman who wrote the article.

An article in the Mirror in the UK article stated the attorney general of Florida, Bill McCollum, is taking the firm, and another 20 business names used by Robert Fletcher, to court after receiving complaints from authors around the world.

Other companies named in the legal action in Florida are: The Literary Agency Group, Writer’s Literary & Publishing Services, The New York Literary Agency, The Children’s Literary Agency, Poets Literary Agency, Writer’s Literary Screenplay Agency, The Christian Literary Agency, Rapid Publishing Screenwriter911, Rapid Publishing Inc, The Global Agency, American Enterprises Group LLD, The Writer’s Literary & Publishing Company, AEG Publishing Group, Eloquent Books, Strategic Book Marketing and The Global Book.