Improved Sales Report from Smashwords might be nice.

UPDATE: Smashwords has updated their sales report page and it has everything an author needs, including improved sorting of data and daily reports.

I like the fact that Smashwords displays on the top left side of their Sales Report page the total sales for each outlet. This makes it easy to see which outlets are under-performing.

I’m not talking about the retail stores displayed under Channel in table of sales. I mean the list of retailers displayed at the top left side of the page under “Author Sales” and above “Current Account Balance”.

While the Sales Report is somewhat adequate, I do get tired sometimes trying to figure individual retail or book sales.

Sometimes I get confused trying to figure out sales

Sometimes I get confused trying to figure out individual ebook or store sales









There are a couple of things which I feel could be improved; better retail sorts and better ebook title sorts.

The Smashwords Forum has a poll and a post on this. You may read it and post your comments on the Smashwords Forum here.