Sites to check when choosing a new TV

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Which TV to buy?







A friend of mine needs a new TV and asked me to look into what’s good or bad. If you are looking for a new TV then these links may help you.

Great forums for TV information, in no particular order. Links open in new window:

AVForums Mainly European, but lots of great information. Check this when researching AV stuff sold in North America.

AVSForums Wide selection of information.

AVSForums HDTV section The HDTV forum section. Great, and often harsh, reviews. Site compiles test reports/reviews and assigns a grade.

HDTVTest.UK Great site, European, good for additional information.

DigitalVersus 32 inches and above HDTV reviews.  European models.

ConsumerSearch. Reviews on stuff.

Everything you want to know about LCD panels. And brother, do I mean everything. Have a coffee and an aspirin ready. There is a huge amount of info here.


Big screen TV

Big screen TV