Former Trafford Publishing manager starts Albis Consulting Group.

Trafford Publishing has a reputation for scamming authors and writers, as witnessed by complaints here, here, and here. I could go on, but you can search the net yourself.

According to the Albis web site, Jose Albis, President, Albis Consulting Group, “During his management, Jose proved to be a pioneer in the industry by incubating revolutionary processes, services and products for Trafford.  His work became industry standards and continue to be implemented by many renowned publishing companies including Authors Solutions Inc. and its subsidiaries.”

Authors should be aware of the past reputation of Trafford, and perform due diligence if considering dealing with his new company Albis Consulting Group.


2 thoughts on “Former Trafford Publishing manager starts Albis Consulting Group.

  1. (Edit by Ted: See link to article on Jose and Trafford I wrote after receiving this comment from Jose. here.)

    Dear Ted,

    Thank you for being an advocate for professional and honest business practices. I’m specially thankful for warning authors about companies and service providers in the self-publishing arena. With great sadness read your article not because I’m in it but because you have made me aware of what has become of that company since it left our Canadian soil. I had heard of the bad reputation the company was taking but not until now is so clear to me that long gone are the days of the Canadian company I was proud to be part of and has been of the great services we had developed to benefit authors. Having said that, of course that during the Canadian days we made mistakes, we weren’t perfect, we received complaints and we also honoured many of them. We truly cared.

    Authors, be aware of many many of the providers out there, because self-publishing is not new and now has such a bad name. Many business and scamming models have been developed since the POD version’s conception 15 years ago, watch out for everything and find out about anyone you are going to do business with, including us. I personally invite you to check on: Reputation Search Engines like, on Forums, BBB, LinkedIn profiles and recommendations, etc. It is an open world where new privacy practices and customer empowerment allow for accountability that is at our fingertips. Do your research and choose wisely.

    Ted, once again, thank you because we need a more transparent world. Thank you for making me aware of how my, once proud, past is carrying now so much darkness.

    All the best,


  2. I’ve read countless of negative comments online about Trafford and I was skeptical to believe those at first, but now I see the possibility of them being true. They are shameful comments and Trafford should be ashamed.

    After I published a book with Trafford, two years later I contacted Trafford to ask for my royalty. They said, there was an outstanding balance that needed to be paid and because of that the book was never published. Despite despite the fact that I paid the publishing fee in full, they have already sent me a royalty payment and have received my free copies. I lost it.

    So I called and talked to Eugene Hopkins from the complaint department, a person that talked to before and he said, “No, I’ve never talked to you before.” He has selected memory, because conveniently he didn’t remember me. After going through all the e-mails that I received from the different people working for Trafford, I found Mr. Hopkins in my contact list.

    I have spoken or dealt with many people working for Trafford, who should not be working for Trafford, including Mr. Hopkins, regardless of their position. Put yourself in my place and imagine that you are being robbed or have been robbed. I have added a few of the names of the people that have exchanged e-mails with me; there are more than that.

    When I first contacted Trafford, Demond “Dee” Jefferson was one of the very first person that I dealt with and the person that sold me the package. He sent me an e-mail confirming my agreement based on the payment and to let me know the book was going to be sent to production to be published. Demond Jefferson offered whatever deal he offered, as their sales people do.

    It is mind-boggling and hard to understand why would the book be sent to production, I received my free copies, I received a small royalty payment already and now two years later, I am told the book was never published and the production was put on hold because of an outstanding balance.

    This is one of the many comments that I found online about Trafford: “I simply cannot get anyone to respond to my e-mails on a book I am publishing with the company. The company says my book has already gone on sale, though they are obligated to provide me with a sizeable number of free books for my book launch – they have not and are not responding to e-mails….” Does this sound familiar?

    Did I get robbed? Is Demond “Dee” Jefferson a fraud and didn’t work for your company? Is Jennifer Mitchell a fraud and doesn’t work for Author Solutions?

    Why would all of these people be dealing with me assuming (that it was) the publishing fee was paid and are working with me post production? I am referring to Jennifer Mitchell, who is a very good professional person, by the way. If there was an outstanding balance, she would’ve told me that and she never did, because I paid in full to Dee Jefferson.

    Something happened. What? I don’t know and that is what I am trying to find out from Dee Jefferson. Why did he offer me what he offered me if his company was not going to abide by the agreement? And to know that about a week ago, when I talked to Trafford and they almost got me again, as I was about to publish with this fraudulent company is concerning. I mean…based on my experience, Trafford is the biggest scam as a publishing company, which is why I’ve decided to request that my book be pulled out of circulation.

    I don’t want a refund, I just don’t want to deal with your company, period; it takes time to write a book and an author puts a lot of work into it, for they to be taken advantage of. I can see the people below you behaving with hostility, but what’s the point of communicating with you sir. You said, “The onus is on you to prove that you sent the payment.” At the beginning, the onus was on Dee Jefferson to dupe and trick me and that’s okay, right?

    Let’s call it even and please, pull my book out of circulation. For future book publications, I will consider Trafford does not exist. I will use your theft as a learning tool, so I won’t be taken advantage of again. The thing is that it is bad when a stranger betrays you, but when it is someone you believe to be trusted, it is hurtful. It feels like you were deceived, humiliated, despised, cheated and I was.

    Honestly and truly
    Dalbert Sanchez
    Reporter / Prensa Latina

    Eugene Hopkins

    Demond “Dee” Jefferson

    Jennifer Mitchell

    Maria Van Santen

    Courtney Fleck

    Matthew Hunckler

    What they are saying:

    “Trafford was acquired by Author Solutions on April 2009. I signed a contract with Trafford December 2008 and paid for it.
    Since March they have my “PRINT READY” book with all the files for the cover and webpage. I have not received the pysical proof until today (July 6)”

    “I simply can not get anyone to respond to my e-mails on a book I am publisihing with the company. The company says my book has already gone on sale, though they are obligated to provide me with a sizeable number of free books for my book launch – they have not and are not responding to e-mails….”

    “Trafford has great sales people and terrible ethics. Upon contracting with them for my book of 120 pages, I was quoted an author price of 6.53 and a retail price of 13.74. I have this in writing. My book came to 112 pages – 8 pages less than quoted – and they placed the author price at 10.49…”

    ” published a book with Trafford under their “Webblazer” program that was offered at a considerable discount. Everything was pretty good up until proof reading time: They have a very sloppy printer. When I sent in my list of changes, it came back with even more needed! Whole paragraphs…”

    “In Ontario, 2005… paid over $3, 000 to have book published with a promise of marketing the book. I received some books and then paid for more. I wrote and phoned re: royalties as I saw the book advertised but never received any royalties as promised from Trafford.”


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