Kindle edition of “Bubble Trouble” available

Bubble Trouble ebook by Ted Summerfield

Bragging can blow up in your face

(Bubble Trouble is 18 pages in length in MSWord. Some devices erroneously report less pages.)

Bubble Trouble ($0.99)  is now available for Kindle devices on Amazon. Bubble Trouble is an entertaining and educational picture book fable filled with colorful pictures, including large black and white pictures for coloring. It is about a young girl, Glorybee Toebiter, who likes to brag. But her bragging blows up in her face, with terrible results. This book is suitable for 2-5 year old children and those young at heart.

During September I’ll be adding more ebooks for children to the Kindle ereader platform on Amazon. To view all my ebooks currently on Amazon click here.