More 4-Letter Word Puzzles now available in ebook format.

My second 4-Letter Word Puzzles ebook containing 320 new words and word phrases is now available for your solving pleasure at $0.99 from Smashwords, Amazon, and in the next few days from other major online retailers.

Here is the description from the Smashwords site: “320 new words and phrases to test your word knowledge and expand your vocabulary. Object of these puzzles is to make as many 4-letter words as you can from a word or a phrase like PER DAY, HER NEW, ON EVE OF, NIBBLE, or OINKED, and compare your solutions with mine.

Each puzzle word contains the number of words I found; for example CHEST (4 words). A truly fun way to exercise your brain while discovering new words. A link to onelook online dictionary helps you check your words – and mine. Enjoy. Happy puzzling, Ted.”

You can preview and purchase More 4-Letter Word Puzzles in a variety of ebook formats at Smashwords here, or purchase from from Amazon here. Happy puzzling.