Apple ebook page length error may be costing authors lost sales.

Apple reports “Bubble Trouble” as having a print length of 4 pages. Yet the book is 18 full 8.5X11 inch pages. So how does 18 MSWord print pages become 4 ebook print pages?

If I don’t count the front matter – the copyright stuff and introduction to my books – and don’t count the black and white pictures for coloring which are at the end of the ebook, that still leaves 10 full 8.5X11 inch pages for the story itself.

Apple says the print length of “Icky Foods Make Me Sick“, also $0.99, is 3 pages. Microsoft Word page length is 18 pages. That conversion is worse than Bubble Trouble!

Apple says the print length of “Nestor Nose” is 4 pages. Microsoft Word page print length is 28 pages. Yikes!!!

Will viewers of my ebooks for children see a low page length and think my price of $0.99 is too high?

Is the way Apple estimates the print length costing me money? If you are an author on Apple iBooks, is the print length error costing you money?

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