Canada needs a Muckrock site for Canadians.

A democratic government has to be transparent. In a study of 5 countries, Canada came last.

For the second year in a row, Canadian Journalists for Free Expression gave the Stephen Harper’s government the lowest grade possible, saying it has taken longer than ever to access information on Mr. Harper’s watch and that the information they finally get is far more incomplete.

What Canada needs is a site like Muckrock.

MuckRock makes it easy for you to quickly file Freedom of Information requests, taking out the hassle and only updating you with the results. No need to stamp an envelope, look up an agency address or learn how to properly draft a legal demand: Just type what you’re interested in, click submit and then receive your documents scanned, searchable and sharable. They’ll even help you analyze them.

Someone with more journalistic experience than I should start a Muckrock for Canadians.

About Muckrock.

Cofounder Michael Morisy is an award-winning journalist who has had worked featured in Business 2.0, the New England Center for Investigative Journalism, New York Daily News and many other national and local publications.

Cofounder Mitchell Kotler is a veteran of multiple high-tech startups including Achronix. He has a Masters in Electrical & Computer Engineering and a Bachelors of Science from Cornell University.