Having your cake and eating too, with KDP Select

When I first looked at KDP Select I was against it. I  felt it was too restrictive to me as an author.

But reading comments on various forums and web sites has got me thinking that it may be best for just about every author to join KDP Select.

Readers of my blog already know my thoughts on KDP Select, but I must agree that going the 90 day exclusive with Amazon may work for many authors; just not me. Here’s why.

Amazon KDP Select may publically announce the top Digital Books borrowed, including the author, publisher, number of borrows and KDP Select fund royalties earned.

This will be a huge benefit for the top 5, 10, 25, 50 or 100 authors which Amazon chooses to publically announce. It would demonstrate that Amazon is a gigantic powerhouse, boost PR by making a big splash about the top whatever, draw more authors to Amazon, and perhaps make some unknown authors known.

What better way to promote yourself as an author than to be publically announced as a top something?

The list will probably, or hopefully, be changing each month as works by authors compete for inclusion in the top something category.

In the hope of moving into the top category some authors, or maybe most, will promote their books beyond the 90 exclusive period. Some authors may stay exclusive for 6, 9, 12 months or more.

Or forget that their work is automatically renewed for another 90 days unless you opt out before the 90 day exclusive period is up.

When KDP Select is looked at analytically it becomes clear that it is a gussied up lottery.

Every 90 days all the Amazon KDP Select authors hope and pray they win the lottery and are publically outed as a top author. They earn some money, get some recognition, get a nice pat on the back.

Here’s the part I really like about the KDP Select lottery; a lot of authors will sign-up. All I can say is “I sure hope so!”

For authors choosing not to drop-out of KDP Select after 90, 180, or 360 days of exclusivity in the hope of reaching the top 100 or top 25, this will be a great benefit to myself and other non-Select authors selling works for all the other digital devices.

KDP Select; It’s the best thing for you.