Amazon fed up with Goodreads. Won’t display book info from Amazon after Jan 30.

Amazon has decided to stick it to Goodreads. On January 30, Goodreads will no longer display book information that comes from Amazon.

From the Goodreads Author Feedback Group discussion:

My books are only published through Amazon (Kindle and/or CreateSpace). Do I need to rescue my books?
Yes. Late this afternoon (Jan 25, 2012), we received word from Amazon that we will not get a feed of book information for Kindle and CreateSpace books….. We apologize for the late notice, but as I said, we just got the news late this afternoon. If we could have given you more notice, we absolutely would have.


This action by Amazon is all part and parcel of their KDP Select program and their desire to control authors and information about authors.

Goodreads is a great site. Too bad Amazon has decided it’s the Amazon way or the door way.