So you think you’re smart word search puzzles.

Your brain doesn’t get a really good workout when you’re solving English language puzzles and you speak English. Here’s a way to step out of your comfort zone while giving your brain some exercise.

50 puzzles, in easy, medium and hard levels of play, all in a foreign language; German!

Previously published, these puzzles are now available as an inexpensive ebook, available in ePub, PDF, and mobi formats, and will give you’ll have hours of puzzle solving fun whether or not you speak German.

German Word Search Puzzles by Ted Summerfield

Printout these 50 ebook puzzles, or solve on your digital device if drawing on images is allowed, and check solutions in your ebook.

You may view a free sample of this ebook, or purchase for $0.99, from this Smashwords link. Available at other online retailers in the coming weeks and months.