Dumb and Dumber; Harper and Toews

Stephen Harper

Stephen Harper and Vic Toews are the premier poster boys for the movie “Dumb and Dumber”. You’ll have to figure out whether Stephen or Vic is the dumber one. I think it’s a tie.

Both of these dummies can’t understand that drugs are a health problem and not a criminal problem. The only reason drugs are considered a criminal problem is because;

1) lawyers created the laws knowing full well their profession would never be out of work;

2) politicians realized they could always tout their crime fighting stance at election time;

3) police needed something to protect the public from, being that alcohol and tobacco were legal.

Vic and Stevie remind me of ostriches with their head stuck you know where; they’re so full of themselves they can’t see the daylight.

Hey Steverino! Want to help balance the budget and help pay for health care, CPP, education, and military expenditures? Legalize marijuana and other drugs and tax it like you do tobacco and alcohol.