Smashwords Forum moves to new board. Whoopee.

Today the Smashwords Forum moved to a new home. You may view it here, or just type in your browser address bar.

Our former site had some difficulties which resulted in the decision to move to a different home.

Our new site has many features our old site didn’t: easier to log-in or register to  our new Smashwords Forum using one of the many social networking sign-in options; ability to link to youtube, and a slew of other benefits.

I’m excited about our new home. Come and join other Smashwords authors in our new playground. Register for free here.


6 thoughts on “Smashwords Forum moves to new board. Whoopee.

  1. It’s great that you posted this here, but how are all the people who don’t read your blog going to know about it? If you click on the old link, it simply says that the forum doesn’t exist. “Board does not exist. Make sure you did not mis-type the URL.” Unless you can get a message up at the old link, you’ve just lost about 500 people. I hope some of them follow you at Facebook or elsewhere and will pass the word around.

    • Old links existing on Google or some other search engine will point to a dead site. That is a problem of which I’m well aware. I can’t redirect from old links to the new forum board; that’s not possible.

      I did send an email to all members of the old forum advising them of the new forum home and providing a link to the new forum. I also posted tweets and FB’s about the move. Some forum members of the old board may have chosen not to receive admin emails and so didn’t get the email notifying them of the change.

      It will take time for the search links to correct themselves, so getting the word out about the move is important. Having members like you helping get the word out really makes a difference. Thanks, Ted.

  2. Another problem. My sign in wasn’t accepted. inputting my user name to have my password sent to me got me the message that there’s no such user. Inputting my email address got me the message that there’s no such account. In other words, this switch has turned into a royal f—kup.

    • The Smashwords Forum is hosted on a different servers and contains nothing of the former site, not that there was much there as the hosting company was having difficulties after I updated to their newer software and newer servers.

      However, the new site contains links to seven social networking sites which can automatically log you in.

      I’m sorry you’re having problems logging in with your old membership information, but all that information was lost and there is simply no way to move members data from one forum to another. You’ll have to re-register, as I said in my email sent to all the members of the old Smashwords Forum; “You can log-in to the new forum board using your Facebook, twitter or some other social networking ID’s. Or you can register.”


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