The Smashwords Forum has moved, part two.

ShivaWinters, a member of our old Smashwords Forum, posted on our new Smashwords Forum site that the old site had reappeared a day after it was deleted.

Yikes; two sites with the same name. That would be quite confusing to any members and visitors looking for the real Smashwords Forum.

Please note that members can not use their old username and password on the new site. Members now have a choice of 7 social networking sites they can use to register on the new forum, or they can register manually.

The Smashwords Forum is the meeting place for Smashwords authors, and authors considering self-publishing through Smashwords. The Smashwords Forum has areas for promoting your books, seeking help with editing or conversion or marketing, chatting with other authors, and doing all things Smashwords.

I started the Smashwords Forum in 2011. It is not owned or operated by Smashwords or any Smashwords employees.

I’ve closed the old site, but didn’t delete it this time. I placed a notice for visitors to the former site that the Smashwords Forum has moved to

The address will take you to our new home, hosted on proboards. Please come and visit us at our new If you’d like to join us on the Smashwords Forum, please register here.