More 5-Letter Word Puzzles

I’ve just published my second 5-letter puzzle ebook, “More 5-Letter Word Puzzles”.

This new word puzzle ebook has 320 new words and phrases to test your word knowledge and really give your brain a workout.

The challenge? You try to make as many 5-letter words from a word or phrase I give you, then compare your words with the ones I found. Each puzzle has the number of words I found, but sometimes the smaller number of words are the hardest to solve. My 5-letter word puzzles and my 4-letter word puzzles really give your brain a good workout, while increasing your word knowledge and your heart beat.

To view a free sample of More 5-Letter Word Puzzles, or purchase for your Apple, Kindle, Kobo, Nook, PC or Mac, just click here.

Available at all online retailers for only 99 cents.

Happy puzzling, Ted.