Life is like coffee

A friend of mine, George, is retired and living on Vancouver Island. He emailed me this link to a video titled “Life is like coffee”.

George is a retired biologist. I met him at Starbucks in Nanaimo. He loves fishing. You could say he has a passion for fishing, particularly fly fishing. Yes, he ties his own flies.

I asked him once about fly fishing. His descriptions and explanations were what I would imagine would be like if spoken to by the most passionate and informative person on any subject. I was entranced. He is a wonderful storyteller.

He worked for years with the Department of Fisheries. He had found what many people seek; a job revolving around their passion.

We would meet at Starbucks and have a coffee, solve the provinces and the countries and the world’s problems as old men do over a cup or two of coffee.

I moved from Vancouver Island several years ago. George would stop by when he was heading up country to go fishing or visit his brother. We’d go for a coffee and shoot the breeze as friends do.

Today he sent me a link to a video, this video. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.