The Backward Approach to Ebook Success

One of the more common complaints of new ebook authors is that their ebook isn’t selling. They’ve spent years writing this wonderful book but are now disappointed with their chosen profession.

I’ve written a free ebook, The Backward Approach to Ebook Success, in which I describe my experiences as an ebook author and the pluses and minuses of self-publishing ebooks.

This ebook describes what mistakes to avoid when first starting out as a self-publisher of ebooks and which steps to take to increase your likelihood for success.

It also provides valuable sales and genre data, and demonstrates how using the personal knowledge and experiences I’ve described in this ebook will improve your foray into the world of self-publishing.

The Backward Approach to Ebook Success is available for free from Smashwords now, and will be available at other leading ebook retailers this month.


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