Symbol Sudoku Puzzles Volume 2 now available

Cover of Symbol Sudoku Puzzles Volume 2 by Ted Summerfield

My second Symbol Sudoku Puzzles ebook contains 44 fun-filled pages of puzzles combining two previously published puzzle books into one inexpensive ebook.

7 different types of symbols including map, geometric, architectural, and mathematical symbols. These 122 symbol sudoku puzzles offer your brain a better workout than regular sudoku.

Each book contains easy, medium, and hard levels of play. Puzzles are images and may be solved on devices allowing drawing on top of images, or printed out. This puzzle ebook may be converted to PDF if required, or purchased as PDF from Smashwords. See my blog for details. “As much fun as volume one”, “Challenging”, “I loved them”.

You may view a sample of the 122 symbol sudoku puzzles or purchase now for $1.49 from Smashwords at this link. Symbol Sudoku Puzzles Volume 2 will be available at other fine online retailers next month.

Below are examples of some of the 7 different type of Symbol Sudoku puzzles in this ebook. Puzzles are reduced in size for posting on this blog.

Example symbol Sudoku puzzle


Example of symbol Sudoku


Symbol Sudoku example