Star Sudoku Puzzles Volume 2

100 Star Sudoku Puzzles in easy, medium, hard, and very hard levels of play are in this second volume.

Here are examples of the Star Sudoku Puzzle and the grids where the numbers 1-9 may be found.

Example of puzzle; not real size.

Colored boxes indicate the regions within the Star Sudoku Puzzle where you place the numbers 1-9 to solve the puzzle.

Whether you are a novice at solving sudoku or an expert solver, you’ll have hours of fun with these Star Sudoku Puzzles. There are 2 large size printable puzzles per page, which you can print out and play or give away.

Or, you can solve these Star Sudoku Puzzles on any device which allows typing over graphic images.

100 Star Sudoku Puzzles Volume 2 is available now at Smashwords for $1.99, and next month at other online ebook retailers. Kindle Fire owners may download the mobi version from Smashwords until there is a version ready for Kindle devices. Happy puzzling, Ted.