Sleep Country Canada bed program buggy; part two

In August I wrote an article on Christine Magee and Sleep Country Canada  and the big bug in their bed exchange program for people living in poverty in Canada; leaving people with disabilities, people already living in poverty, to pay the disposal fee for mattress and box spring which Sleep Country had already charged customers. Read the whole article here.

I’m living on 900 dollars a month because of my disability, but am fortunate to earn extra income through the sale of my ebooks. Many other PWD (People With Disabilities), people on welfare, or seniors living in poverty don’t have any extra income to help pay for unexpected bills like the 40 dollars to recycle a bed and box spring they got from Sleep Country and the WRAGS non-profit society.

Many seniors don’t have access to a truck or friends to help haul away the old bed and box spring, let alone the 40 dollars it cost me to drop them at the recycling depot.

The bed program for people in need is a good idea. It’s too bad no body at Sleep Country, WRAGS, or the provincial government realized that leaving the poorest people to pay for recycling, something that Sleep Country had already charged customers for, was dumb.

Read my other article on this buggy program from Sleep Country Canada here.