Is Domain Registry of Canada a scam?

If you’ve received a notification of domain name expiry from Domain Registry of Canada you might want to wonder if it is a scam and think twice before making a payment.

Domain Registry of Canada sends out ‘notifications’ of domain name expiry which said Notice seems to be an invoice. The ‘Notice’ includes renewal fee of $40.00 for one year, $70.00 for two years, and $160.00 for five years.

Problem is I or anyone owning a domain name can renew it for 1/4 of the price offered by Domain Registry of Canada. For example, I renewed one domain for $10.00 for one year at the site already holding my registry. I could have transferred the domain to another company for about the same price and gotten another year free, so 2 years for $10.00.

In bold and all cap type is the phrase “This is a solicitation for the order of services and not a bill, invoice or statement of account due. You are under no obligation to make any payments on account of this offer unless you accept this offer.”

My advice is to not accept their offer.

Is Domain Registry of Canada a scam? I’ll leave that decision up to you, dear reader.