Amazon removes Kindle ebooks

Yesterday Amazon removed 5 of my puzzle ebooks from the Kindle ebook store because the ebooks were printable instead of playable on Kindle devices.

The problem as I see it is Amazon only removed my puzzle ebooks. I just checked Amazon and found similar ebooks for sale, all non-interactive and mostly more expensive than similar puzzle ebooks of mine on Amazon. Some of those puzzle ebooks now for sale on Amazon for Kindle devices have been on sale there far longer than mine. Why they weren’t removed is a question I’ve asked Kindle: Either have a level playing field and return my puzzle ebooks to sale status or remove all similar non-interactive puzzle or game ebooks.

Here is a copy of the email I received from Amazon:


During a quality assurance review of your KDP catalog we found that 
the following book(s) you have published are intended to be interactive 
but require additional resources aside from a Kindle device or Kindle 
application (phone/Mac/PC). The game or app experience must work 
entirely inside the Kindle reader, without the use of the browser or 
manual work such as a copy machine or screen capture program. As a 
result, the following books have been removed from sale in the Kindle 

Star Sudoku Puzzles. Volume 1. (ASIN: B008D5AV9O)
Alphabet Sudoku Puzzles Multi-lingual Edition (ASIN: B009AHSZGA)
Star Sudoku Puzzles. Volume 2. (ASIN: B009FHSZ88)
Spanish Word Search Puzzles (Spanish Edition) (ASIN: B0099A2RY4)
German Word Search Puzzles (German Edition) (ASIN: B009AFYJWQ)

If you are interested in providing games or other interactive content, 
please consider applying for our Kindle Active Content program:

If you have any questions regarding our quality assurance review 
process, please write to

Best regards,

Kindle Direct Publishing

The problematic ebooks were 1/3 to 1/4 the price of puzzle apps for Kindle devices, and were designed to be printed out by a Kindle owner as explained in the front matter of each ebook if their particular device didn’t allow typing/drawing over graphic images.

My sales on Amazon for Kindle devices never came close to sales for ePub devices, but the puzzle ebooks were beginning to generate some steady sales. Amazon was earning almost twice as much as I earned from each sale, so it’s not like Amazon was ever losing money on each sale.

Why Amazon would remove my ebooks when there are many more non-interactive puzzle ebooks offered for sale on Amazon, and have been offered for sale much longer than my puzzle ebooks, and chose not remove these other offending ebooks is very strange. After all, it took me but a few seconds to find them in the Kindle ebook store by performing a simple search. If I can find them then surely Amazon can too.

Owners of Kindle devices wanting inexpensive puzzle ebooks like those listed above can still purchase the Kindle version from Smashwords, or purchase the PDF version from Smashwords if they wish, by clicking on this link to my ebooks on Smashwords.

I’ll post an update if Amazon reverses its decision and returns my puzzle ebooks to sale status for Kindle ebooks. Or if they actually remove all similar offending puzzle ebooks.

Update: Amazon replies.