Promorrhea; a dilemma for authors.

I know it’s tough being an author and even more tough trying to get someone, ANYONE, to look at or even purchase one of your works, but an author doesn’t have to resort to promorhea to try and get attention.

Promorrhea, or spamorrhea or whatever you want to call it, sometimes occurs when an author uses an automated Twitter or Facebook posting system and sends updates every ten or fifteen minutes. Updates being the same bloody post plastered over and over and over and over and over ad nauseam.

Promorrhea sometimes occurs when an author sends emails to ‘followers’ or ‘subscribers’ repeating the same – or very slightly different – update as the one delivered to Twitter and/or Facebook.

I don’t mind a little promotion of literary works, I do promote my works so I can’t be offended by someone promoting their works. But I don’t send out continual promotional material.

There isn’t any known cure for promorrhea, other than blocking the offender or ‘unfriending’ or ‘unfollowing’ the rascal.

Perhaps an author will read this post and think twice before having a promorrhea attack. Let’s be honest, probably nobody actually reads and acts on promorrhea. Most recipients may be like me; I delete, unfriend, unfollow, or perform some other manner of stopping the offensive blight upon my screen.

Be brave. Beware of exhibiting signs of promorrhea.


4 thoughts on “Promorrhea; a dilemma for authors.

  1. I agree wholeheartedly. I try not to do that myself because it is so annoying to see on FB. I find myself scrolling past and not even reading it anymore.

    • Thanks, Sandra. I try not to promote by ebooks too often on Facebook or Twitter, and try to post a good mix of ‘stuff’ before doing a promo. I confess to sometimes doing 2 or 3 promo’s in a row when I’ve published a new ebook at different retailers, but that doesn’t happen very often.

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