Kindle ebook author on route to 3 million in sales

Soon to join other celebrity ebook authors is renown raconteur Ted Summerfield, who recently sold on Amazon for Kindle devices the first of 3 million ebooks necessary for him to become a millionaire by earning pennies per sale of his latest micro-tome “Buy This Book. Make Me a Millionaire”.

When asked how he felt about this phenomenal achievement which overcame the derision of friends and family for his actually begging people to purchase his latest masterpiece he had this to say, “It proves my point; write something people want, write it well, and offer it at a fair price for its contents.”

When this interviewer pointed out he actually made 3 points instead of the one inferred by his saying “It proves my point”, Mr. Summerfield blew his nose and said “You, sir, would have to make an impossibly large leap upwards in humanity before you could even dream of becoming a mere minion.”

But one cannot deride the success of “Buy This Book. Make Me A Millionaire”. In a matter of hours of being published on Amazon for Kindle devices, one savvy investor took Mr. Summerfield at his word and purchased a copy as an investment in the future wealth of his/her great grandchildren – as clearly explained in the ebook description and the last paragraph of a prior article here.

Available at Amazon and Smashwords now, and soon at all major online retailers, this interviewer urges readers to get their copy before they are all gone.

How can an ebook be ‘gone’? Aren’t they digital and around forever? Well, technically, maybe. However, Mr. Summerfield has promised to unpublish “Buy This Book. Make Me A Millionaire” once the pennies from each sale total one million dollars. No other author makes such a dramatic claim to protect an ebook investment.


Join the other savvy investor and get your copy before it’s too late.