Author attempts to profit from Boston bombing deaths

One author is attempting to profit from Boston bombing deaths by implying his book has the answers to why the kids did it. Profiting from the deaths in Boston is disgusting to me.

For readers who have been in a coma the past week, the Boston marathon was hit with two explosions resulting in the death of innocent people. It has been implied in the news that the boys were involved in some radical form of Islam.

On Linkedin today, author Avi Perry posted this Discussion: “What is it about Islam that drives people to terror? Read “72 Virgins’ by Avi Perry You will find answers.”

The link didn’t work.

But a quick google on his name returned his book “72 Virgins” for sale on Amazon for Kindle devices at $9.83 and in print form for $19.95. Certainly not an inexpensive ebook or print book.

Avi didn’t specifically mention the Boston bombings in his post on Linkedin, but to anyone breathing the implied connection is there through his use of the word ‘Islam’ during this terrible time for my American friends.

Avi probably isn’t the only author attempting to cash in on the Boston bombings. But couldn’t he wait until all the facts are in, or at least until the funerals, before attempting to profit from these deaths?