Apple fixes price error on humor ebook. Previous price not funny.

It took about one month from the first time Apple was notified of their price mistake for my latest ebook “Buy This Book. Make Me A Millionaire” and reduced it from $1.99 to its correct and original price of $0.99.


I’m proud Apple thought my latest creation was worth much more than I priced it at, but a deal is a deal. As I’m offering the ebook everywhere else for 0.99 I shouldn’t take advantage of Apple’s thoughtful price adjustment, no matter how highly they regard my latest artistic production.

Description of my latest masterpiece:

A perfect gift for someone who has everything, and for those who want absolutely nothing.

What’s inside the book? 23 pages of “Nothing Here But My Thanks”, and now and then an image of a kiss or something similar, images of an animal or animals, some pithy words under the pictures, and some other stuff.

I think the words under the pictures are pithy, but you may think otherwise.

To be completely honest, for it is your money and not mine, (well, not mine until you buy this ebook and then a smidgeon of your money becomes mine, but that is beside the point) inside are pictures of dogs and other animals, which every advertiser will tell you is necessary for bonding the viewer to your product or service.

Bound to become one of the greatest literary works of humor, “Buy This Book. Make Me A Millionaire” is available in ebook format at all fine retailers, even Amazon, which sold a copy within the first couple of hours of it being published.

Also available in PDF format from Smashwords.

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