New federal rules may block safe injection sites. Harper’s folly.

moose-health minister

(Health Minister meets moose.)

Despite all the evidence proving the Insite safe injection site saves lives and has made the Downtown Eastside community safer and healthier, despite police, the Mayor of Vancouver, and the local board of health saying Insite has made the community safer and healthier, despite the Supreme Court of Canada saying the government must not allow sick people to die on specious grounds related to the “war on drugs”, Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq said the bill, the Respect for Communities Act, “would require the local views to be taken into account, local law enforcement, municipal leaders (and) the public health officials will all need to be consulted as part of the application process.” (Yikes! This is certainly going to add millions to government spending, just in the bureaucracy itself.)

In addition to consultations, applicants are also required to present data on overdose deaths and drug use, potential impact on public safety, and a description of a centre’s administrative procedures.

These are all required to receive an exemption from Canada’s Controlled Drug and Substances Act, which is granted by Health Canada. The bill, C-65, states that the minister will only grant exemptions in “exceptional circumstances.” (Double-talk for ‘you can apply but you’ll probably never get approved.)

Harper’s “war on drugs” is following the same problem-filled and failure-filled road of the United States and other countries that have tried the “war on drugs” approach, and those same countries have found their “war on drugs” extremely costly to the public purse, ineffective, and utterly useless.

Harper & Aglukkaq are 30 years behind the times, and acting like they are having a ‘war on sanity’.

Why on earth are Harper and Aglukkag adding another bureaucratic layer filled with paperwork, additional expenses, time delays, while denying scientific evidence proving safe injection sites already protect communities and ignoring the Supreme Court of Canada?

Instead of having a ‘war on drugs’ the Harper government should have a ‘war on spending by politicians and senators’.

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