Book marketing. The new Gold Rush.

The ease of publishing a book using a Print On Demand (POD) system or publishing through a company like Smashwords (which I use) has opened the door for a flood of get-rich-quick artists offering book marketing services to authors desperate for a sale.

Discussions on Linkedin, MobileRead and other social sites have turned to pleas for help from authors seeking a way to get recognized and earn some money.

These pleas for marketing help have not fallen on deaf ears.

From glancing through the responses it appears there is no small number of people claiming expertise in marketing and willing to:

a) share with you their secrets when you buy their marketing book or ebook;

b) promote your book/ebook to millions of people on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc, etc,;

c) promote your work through email campaigns, newsletters, etc., etc.

d, e, f, g, h,…zzzz) you name it and somebody is willing to take your money to promote your book/ebook using their system.

Save your money.

The fact remains that word of mouth is the best marketing tool. Period. All the money spent hiring a ‘marketing professional’ is seldom if ever earned back from royalties.

The average number of POD sales is 200 books. 200. That means a lot of authors using POD aren’t selling any books, and a lot of authors using POD are selling less than 100.

I wrote a free ebook about the mistakes I made when I started in the self-publishing business back in 2010. It may help some authors considering publishing an ebook.