Amazon accounting error update

Amazon update. Received email today from Amazon support and they confirm withholding tax withheld in error. Duh.

Amazon email states “…be in touch with you again with an update regarding the amount and the date on which the payment will be processed as soon as possible. Thanks for your continued patience.” Patience? I’m pissed off such a large company can’t keep track of accounting for tax purposes. What else can’t they keep track of? This incident is a great example of how not to run a large corporation.

I guess Amazon gets to keep whatever interest they’ve illegally earned on my tax amount, plus the interest on all the other illegally withheld tax amounts of other authors who are in the same boat as I. I’m not expecting the interest they earned will be passed along when Amazon finally pays what I’m owed.

It’s a wonder Amazon isn’t making a profit with such accounting procedures. But hey, sell at a loss, sell lots of them, make it up in volume = Amazon accounting.

Original article on Amazon accounting error.

Yet Another Update: On Thursday Amazon emailed notification of pending payment of erroneously withheld tax on recent royalty deposit. I urge all authors publishing through Amazon to perform due diligence.