My birds prefer cream cheese scones rather than butter scones

During this rather mild winter here on the west coast I’ve been feeding my local flock of birds two types of scones; those made with cream cheese and those made with butter.

I can categorically state the chickadee’s, robins, and Steller’s Jays in my back-forty prefer scones made with cream cheese.

I made some scones with cream cheese because I was out of butter and too lazy to go to the store just for butter. I made about 20 2-inch disks, placed them on two cookie sheets lined shiny-side face-down with aluminum foil, topped with a brushing of whisked egg and water, and baked at 400 degrees for 13 minutes.

After cooling for an appropriate time, I took one out to the back-forty, crumbled it and spread it around some trees where the birds like to hangout.

It was about 2:30pm when I put them out, so I settled on the back porch to have a smoke and wait for the action to start.

In about 15 minutes a couple of chickadee’s tentatively approached the spread. They nibbled away, then flew away, returning in a flash with about 20 other chickadee’s. This was the most chickadee’s I’d seen feeding at one time. I wondered if it was the cream cheese they liked so much.

I decided to experiment during December and January, alternating feeding the birds scones made with cream cheese and scones made with butter. The cream cheese scones won hands down.

A robin and a couple of swallows had tasted both mixtures, but they stayed around longer eating the cream cheese scones. The one Steller’s Jay visiting my back-forty preferred the cream cheese as well.

I made raisin scones using both mixtures, and the results were the same; cream cheese please.

I’m going to have to cut down on my scone feeding though. Some of the chickadee’s are becoming the shape of bumblebee’s and developing double chins.