Amazon delisting D2D ebooks and blocks account.

Amazon is pulling ebooks distributed by Direct2Digial aka D2D and has blocked D2D access to its Amazon account.

D2D is a new distributor of ebooks and had been getting some credit for the speedy appearance of authors ebooks on Amazon, B&N, etc. Well, as it turns out the speedy appearance on a retailer after an author uploaded an ebook to D2D for distribution was the result of D2D not previewing any works as does Smashwords and many other distributors. By not spending the time and money reviewing each work certainly made it much quicker for that ebook to appear on the shelf of a retailer, but also opened up a whole boat-load of problems for authors and for D2D itself.

Here is a copy of the email sent to a D2D author who posted on the Smashwords Forum site.

“We are currently experiencing severe distribution issues at Amazon. At this time they are not accepting any new books from us, and they have begun removing live books from sale.

Late last night, we received a message from Amazon informing us that they considered our account to be in violation of their terms. At the same time they blocked all access to our account and began delisting our books.

While Amazon has proven difficult to work with in the past, we’ve always responded promptly to their complaints both with regard to the immediate incident and with new procedures and programmatic solutions to prevent recurrences of the problem. We had done the same with the specific complaints that triggered this action, and we believed–and still do believe–that we had fully and satisfactorily addressed the matter.

I believe the termination was made in error due to confusion on Amazon’s part, and we are doing everything we can to pursue immediate and complete reinstatement of our account. Unfortunately, Amazon has historically been uncommunicative and inflexible concerning account issues, so we can make no guess as to when the matter will be resolved.

I deeply regret the inconvenience this creates for you, and share your frustration at the unfairly short notice. We are working aggressively to resolve this issue as quickly as possible and we will keep you updated as we learn more information.”

Authors using D2D to distribute their ebooks should register with Amazon KDP and upload their delisted works to Amazon KDP to ensure continuity of royalties.

At this moment only Amazon is delisting all D2D ebooks and blocking account access. Other ebook retailers may or may not follow suit.

If more ebook retailers follow Amazon and drop D2D, I suggest authors using D2D consider a company like Smashwords for distribution of their ebooks or upload directly to the retailers of their choice.