How to printout my ebooks

Purchasers of my puzzle ebooks, or any ebook for that matter, can easily printout the puzzles from any device allowing email of the ebook or downloading of ebook to your laptop/desktop.

1) Email ebook to yourself for printing, or download/synch the ebook to your laptop/desktop/tablet which allows printing. Most ereaders allow downloading/synching to your desktop/laptop;

2) Download a free conversion program called Calibre. Install on your desktop/laptop;

3) Open Calibre program, click on the down arrow of Add Books and choose your option, or just click on Add Books. Find your puzzle ebook, add it to your Calibre Library;

4) Click on the book in your Library to highlight it , then click on the ‘Convert books’ button and choose PDF as the output.

5) Find your PDF version on your desktop/laptop and print it out using Adobe Acrobat Reader or similar free PDF reading program. If you don’t know where the file is stored, perform a Search of your desktop/laptop using the name of the ebook file you saved. You should fine 2 versions; one an ebook file, the other the PDF file.

6) If you are printing out my puzzles, print out only the pages with the puzzles and use the PDF file to check your solutions. This way you’ll save ink and paper.

7) Some purchasers of my puzzle ebooks use them as gifts in book form. To do this send the PDF file to a retailer like Staples or Office Depot which can print out and collate the file in a book format with a plastic ring binder.