841 Sudoku Puzzle Spectacular in PDF


A spectacular collection of 7 sudoku puzzle PDF ebooks containing 841 puzzles, all in one downloadable zip file. The regular value of these ebooks is $12.93, but this super collection can be yours for just $4.99.

This special edition contains alphabet sudoku, symbol sudoku, and star sudoku puzzles, each of the 7 ebooks in their own individual ebook PDF format. All these puzzles are large format puzzles which you can easily print out and solve then check your answers against the solutions in the PDF file.

Get your collection for yourself, or for a friend or relative, at the link here.





2 thoughts on “841 Sudoku Puzzle Spectacular in PDF

    • Right now I’ve only the 2 German Word Search Puzzle ebooks/PDF’s. ePub versions are available at most major online retailers, except Amazon.

      German Word Search Puzzles (volume 1) in PDF format available direct from me here… https://gumroad.com/l/kazTj

      German Word Search Puzzles Volume 2 in PDF format available from me here… https://gumroad.com/l/tVmx

      Both puzzle magazines are 99 cents each and contain 51 word search puzzles in each edition.

      I will be publishing additional German, Spanish, and Italian word search puzzles before the end of the year. I’ve just been busy with other work to concentrate fully on the puzzle creations.

      Happy puzzling,

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