What’s happening with Ebook Orchard

A lot has been happening with Ebook Orchard since I last posted about it. Here’s what I’ve done in the past week or so.

First, the logo is going to be changed in the next few days because the logo text style needs to be more modern.

The fact is I suck at that sort of stuff. A Smashwords Forum member was kind enough to remind me of that fact and offered to correct the logo. I couldn’t say yes fast enough.

There is now an Amazon button for registering and logging into Ebook Orchard by Amazon members. Visitors don’t need to register on Ebook Orchard to purchase an ebook, but registering does provide members future access to all their downloads in case something happens to an ebook.

Visitors may also join/sign-in to Ebook Orchard by filling out a simple form.

Here is the link for information on downloading an ebook from Ebook Orchard to your device, whether it be a desktop PC or Mac, or an ereader or tablet.

Visitors can now easily find all ebooks by an author simply by clicking on the name of the author found on each ebook page. I was looking at all this complicated coding when it was pointed out a simple one line of code would accomplish what I wanted. I like simple.

I added a bar at the bottom of page which has a search area and a checkout button. This makes it easier for visitors to find things or checkout as they don’t have to scroll to the top of a page to perform a search or checkout.

There’s still more testing and adding/subtracting of ‘stuff’ on Ebook Orchard before it is ready to go live to everyone. But feel free to drop by and see what I’m doing during this beta testing phase.

Don’t be surprised if the site looks different one day to the next.