Ebook Orchard sign-in update

Visitors to Ebook Orchard now have three options to sign-in or create an account;

1) create their own personal sign-in;

2) use their Facebook, Google+, Twitter or Linkedin account ID; or

3) use their Amazon ID.

To ‘Create an Account’ click on the ‘Create an Account’ portion of the ‘Sign-in or Create an Account’ line at the top right corner of Ebook Orchard. This will open the Create Account window.

Visitors may create their own personal account by entering their First Name, Last Name, Email address, and creating a Password.

Or, visitors may Create an Account clicking on one of the social media buttons for whichever of the four social media sites they are a member of; Facebook, Google+, Twitter or Linkedin.

Or, visitors may Create an Account using their Amazon account by clicking on the ‘Sign-in with Amazon’ button.


When an already registered member wants to login to Ebook Orchard he/she clicks on the ‘Sign-in’ link portion of ‘Sign-in or Create an Account’ line at the top right corner of the Ebook Orchard web site and this page will appear:


Visitors do NOT have to register on Ebook Orchard to purchase an ebook. Registration is optional, but registering does allow members easy access to a list of all their purchases in case they lost or damaged their original ebook or the ebook has been updated by the author. There is a limit of three (3) download recoveries for purchased ebooks.