You may have noticed the missing images on the right-side column. Blame Shaw.

You may have noticed images missing on the right-side column, images which used to link to pictures of my ebook covers.

Well, thanks to Shaw those images are now missing. What did I do wrong? I had Shaw move me from point X to point Y. Now I’ve moved a few times in my life, always having Shaw as my cable provider – a little over 40 years I’ve been with Shaw.

This move has been an absolute disaster. First they lost my email accounts. All of them. In all my other moves I never had a problem with my email accounts not following along.

The second day my phone started buzzing when speaking to someone. A buzz like an electrical interference. Shaw came and it was decided my phone was the problem. Problem was the phone worked fine before the move. Shaw repairman thought phone may have gotten damaged in move. Hmmm. About 4 days later the buzzing stopped and the line has been clean ever since. Maybe my phone fixed itself?

Then all the images to my ebook covers disappeared. I had several Shaw email accounts which had web space set to link images to this blog. All the web spaces disappeared.

What kind of company policy doesn’t include moving web space accounts along with email accounts when the company is responsible for moving a client from one locale to another?

What kind of training does Shaw provide for its customer service representatives? I would think Shaw would instruct service representatives to move everything associated with an existing account when a client enlists Shaw to provide the move. You know, things like existing email accounts. Or existing web space accounts. It’s not like I was moving from Shaw to some other service provider. I was moving within Shaw’s territory.

I know poor old Jim Shaw is struggling financially on his $18,000/day income, but jeez, couldn’t Shaw hire someone to train staff properly?

Needless to say I’m not a happy camper.