Shaw issue update

Shaw and I have agreed upon a reasonable resolution to problems which occurred when I moved; a discount for a period of time and a commitment by Shaw to ” coach our representative who transferred your services in January, as we should be checking for e-mail addresses and Webspaces to move during the transfer process.  We do want to treat our customer’s information with the highest level of care, as seemingly small oversights can lead to situations such as this.  We have forwarded a notice to the supervisor of the representative who handled this transfer, so this can serve as an opportunity to improve their service going forward.”

It is my hope that Shaw coaches all service representatives so the situation I went through won’t happen to anyone else.

My covers of all my ebooks have not been recoverable on Shaw servers and I’m now considering other storage options so cover images will be displayed once again on this site on a more permanent basis.

It is unfortunate this series of errors occurred during my move. I’ve had great service from Shaw during the past 40+ years I’ve been with them but, like actors or businesspeople, a reputation is only as good as your last performance.

In the end the resolution with Shaw was fair to both parties.