BC Premier Christy Clark admits she does not read newspapers or watch TV or have any friends who do


BC Premier Christy Clark experienced another of her ‘forgetful’ moments when she admitted to reporters she hadn’t kept up with anything related to Rolf Harris since she was much younger; nothing in the newspapers, on the radio or TV about the charges and later conviction of child molestation by Harris, or even chatter amongst her friends and acquaintances about Rolf Harris being charged and convicted. Her admission(1) comes shortly after she tweeted the above picture of her holding a Rolf Harris album.

Yup, the Premier of BC has no friends, doesn’t watch TV news, nor does she listen to any news on a radio. Just goes to prove ignorance is bliss.

Or, she could simply be experiencing another of her political promise malfunctions.

Premier Christy Clark, who promised to rescind the park fees during the B.C. Liberal leadership contest in 2011, reportedly said the lost revenue won’t result in a cut to the parks budget. But shortly after being elected her Liberal government raised camping fees by up to $5 per night. The fee hikes vary by site, but the increase for the “vast majority” is $2 per night. She must have forgotten what she said earlier during her election campaign.

Christy Clark has such a reputation for political promise malfunctions that the National Post had a headline stating “B.C. premier Christy Clark’s baffling campaign strategy is to misinform, mislead and make up stuffhttp://news.nationalpost.com/full-comment/brian-hutchinson-b-c-premier-christy-clarks-baffling-campaign-strategy-is-to-misinform-mislead-and-make-up-stuff

You know, Christy might well be onto something with this political promise forgetfulness of hers. With reporters writing an article like the one in the National Post above Christy may well be better off living in her own dream world.

(1) http://bc.ctvnews.ca/video?clipId=583653