Handi Cue Buddy allows people with disabilities to enjoy playing pool or billiards

Below is the link to a blog about a new device called the Handi Cue Buddy which helps people with disabilities play pool or billiards more easily, or to play for the first time.

The Handi Cue Buddy is a system of a couple of handcrafted parts, a base and a stand for aligning your cue stick, with the base available in different weights and sizes.

The blog page includes the link to a kickstarter campaign where the inventor is seeking the small sum of $7,000.

If you like the idea as much as I then please take a moment to mention the blog and the kickstarter campaign to your friends and let’s see if we can help other people enjoy playing pool and billiards. Thanks, Ted.

Handi Cue Buddy blog link. 

Handi Cue Buddy Kickstarter link.