Authors wanted. Well, at least 2 authors wanted.

Some readers of this blog may know I also started the Smashwords Forum about three years ago as a meeting place for Smashwords authors. Right now is an exciting time for Smashwords Forum members as we need 2 authors to reach a membership of 1,000.

Yes, the Smashwords Forum is at that great sticking point of 998 members. Please help us reach the magical 1,000 members. You can join for free, you know.

Members promote their works, discuss ‘stuff’ with other members, ask questions about ebook marketing, writing, formatting and other ebook matters, and get to know other Smashwords authors. All for free

There is only one requirement for membership. A new member must have published a work on Smashwords or has joined Smashwords and hasn’t yet published their first ebook.

Join for free here. Just click on the Register button link to enter the wonderful world of Smashwords Forum authors.

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who read this post and thanks for helping our Smashwords Forum reach its 1,000 member milestone. Authors are invited to join our Smashwords Forum for free and help our forum benefit you and many other Smashwords authors.